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IMEX is one of the largest toner manufacturers in the toner cartridge recycling industry. For over 25 years, IMEX has continually contributed to the industry by supplying high quality, consistent and reliable toner products matching the requirements of the leading players and users.

The introduction of IMEX unique and advanced colour technology is the latest contribution of IMEX towards making recycling colour toner cartridges a viable option for recyclers and an affordable an environmentally friendly choice for end users.

IMEX is continually committed to meet the ever changing requirements of the recycling industry by bringing smart colour technology to our door step.

Press Releases

Creating colour - Q&A with IMEX Creating colour – Q&A with IMEX (The Recycler - Issue 219)
Marcos Valdezate, Vice President of IMEX EU Trading, shared his thoughts on investing into colour, and how it pays off.

Latest News

April, 2012

IMEX Group has released CMG-3, a monochrome toner for use in HP P 1005/1006/1522n/1606/1102.

This toner utilizes IMEX’s surface treatment technology to mimic the physical properties of chemically-produced toner as used by OEM in the respective applications.

May 10, 2011

IMEX Group has announced the release of a new set of universal colour toner for HP 4600/4700/3600/3800/5500, CP 1215 and CP 2025, the TMC027

These toners utilize IMEX´s surface treatment technology to mimic the physical attributes of chemically produced toner, allowing even more stabile and robust performance throughout the cartridge life.